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Here’s an item from the Columbia Public Schools Web site. There will be a Minority Achievement Committee (MAC)-hosted spring student achievement conference on March 20 at Hickman High School. The conference is titled “Failure is NOT an Option.”

The link above contains conference information and a registration form for high school students and parents interested in attending. Registration forms are also available from MAC Scholars sponsors and Home School Communicators.

As part of the conference, a panel of former MAC students who are now in college will answer college-related questions from current MAC participants.

The keynote speaker for the conference will be Manuel Scott, one of the original “Freedom Writers.” Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, a former foreign service officer with the U.S. State department, now director of access initiatives at MU, will also speak.

If you’ve seen the movie “Freedom Writers,” you have an idea about Manuel Scott’s background, as he was part of the group of students on which the screenplay was based. If you haven’t seen the film, the Freedom Writers were at-risk students attending high school in Long Beach, Calif., during the mid-1990s. Their teacher, Erin Gruwell, used non-traditional teaching methods to reach her students, who had been categorized as “unteachable.”  She proved that categorization to be untrue by discovering ways to motivate the students.

Check out Manuel’s Web site for more information.

The MAC Scholars program is a collaboration between Columbia Public Schools and MU aimed at promoting high academic performance among participating students. It started in 2002 with 10 high school students; currently it has about 500 students ranging from middle school to high school. The program’s motto is “achievement matters.”

For more information about the conference, call MAC program coordinator Symone Thomas, 214-3008, ext. 43460.

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