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My night was filled with laughter, curiosity and the scent of incredible appetizers brought from kitchens across Columbia. The Columbia School Board candidates seemed to enjoy it, too.

I just got back from the Progressive Women of Mid-Missouri Spring Social, an event encompassing a house full of women and candidates running for mayor, treasurer, the Fourth ward council seat, presiding commissioner and, of course, Columbia School Board.

President Jan Mees and James Whitt, both running for three-year terms were, were in attendance, as well as Jonathan Sessions and Philip Peters Jr., who are running for one-year terms. Dan Holt was unable to attend.  The candidates stood holding signs with their names on them, laughing and, sometimes, blocking their opponent with them. The room couldn’t help but laugh along.

I had a chance to talk to each of them and introduce myself for the first time. I have to say, they were all playful and talkative eager to answer a house full of questions and concerns.

Johanna Cox-Littrell held the event at her home with the help of her co-host Sarah Catlin-Dupuy. The Progressive Women of Mid-Missouri began in 2005, and Cox-Littrell joined two years ago, before she even moved into the home I spoke to her in.  She was visiting Columbia to house-shop and discovered the group.

“I knew I was part of it from then on,” she said.

The group works to inform women about candidates running for office. Any progressive woman can join the group and attend the socials that occur once a year. There are no meetings, membership, dues or fees, just a couple fun nights where the women can meet like-minded women.

“We know everyone has a million things to do,” Cox-Littrell said, laughing.

Kristin Metcalf-Wilson spoke for the Women’s Policy Alliance, a non-profit group that provides policy makers with information promoting opportunities for women and equality. She described the event as being “fabulous to see activists together for a good cause.”

It was an evening that had a feeling of warmth despite the frigid air outside and hopefully one of many enjoyable events alongside our possible Columbia School Board members.

For future forums, debates and candidate information check out ColumbiaMissourian.com

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